Drafting commercial contracts and legal documents

‚ÄčThe London School of Legal English remains the world’s number one provider of courses in Legal English with a range of classes for lawyers, in-house counsel and legal practitioners which are designed to enhance your knowledge in this fascinating area of English.  Our aim for this course is that you gain more confidence in drafting contracts in English and that you develop a broader range of vocabulary both for written and oral communication.


The vast majority of our courses are tailored specifically to the needs of individual students, so course content differs widely from student to student.  A typical course might include the following:-


Vocabulary Focus

Your skilled and qualified English for Law instructor will take an indepth look at the type of vocabulary used within legal contracts to ensure that you have a good base knowledge of the language.  


Sentence Structure

Formal legal English is rather different from the English language that you see and hear every day.  We will look at how sentences in contracts and letters tend to be structured.


Style of Writing

Getting the balance right between ‘legalese’ and plain English can take a lot of time.  We will look at how to achieve this with speed and clarity of thought.


The Structure of Contracts

How are contracts drafted and what do they contain?  We will explore what is necessary to include in the various kinds of document that one uses in the legal world.



Our overall teaching strategy in this area is to develop the confidence, fluency and overall communicative ability of our students.  We try to achieve this through providing relevant examples and case studies and allowing you to engage with us as much as possible.  Our classes tend to be delivered on a one-to-one basis to maximise student participation.  We can work with small groups, law societies and organisations where necessary.  


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