Bridget Jones filmed at UK Supreme Court

Legal English Language Training frequently uses The UK Supreme Court for classes and tours to show students around the top appellate court in the United Kingdom.

The Supreme Court is very welcoming of guests and is always looking for ways to increase its revenue.  With that in mind, the court agreed to let the filmmakers use one of its courtrooms as part of a wider programme to generate income.

The main courtroom, where many of the language school’s students and tutors have sat and taken photographs, was chosen by the producers as the one most reminiscent of a traditional courtroom.

Supreme Court justices were consulted and the script was read to ensure it was appropriate for the court setting before they gave filming the green light. A spokesman for the court said: “We were pleased to have the chance to open up the building to a new audience through the cinema screen. We wouldn’t want to spoil the plot for those planning to see the film, so can’t comment further on the proceedings.”


How accurate a portrayal of the typical British courtroom is the scene in the film?  Our tutors said it was excellent.  No gavels (hammers) are used and no wigs as these are reserved for courts lower down the chain.


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