Legal English Books for TOLES Students

Should you be taking the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills, you will need to immerse yourself as much as possible in the language of English and Law.  The ideal way to do this is with a course from one of our excellent tutors.  You can also read books in this area, which is what we are recommending to you today.

 Legal English Skills for Lawyers

by Michael Davies

An affordable e-book written by one of our language teachers, this is a practical guide to improving your skills in Legal English.  There are chapters devoted to negotiating, telephone etiquette and grammar.  The book has proven popular around the world and is a useful introduction to the language.

 How the Law Works

by Gary Slapper

Gary Slapper is an enthusiastic user of Twitter (and has been retweeted by us many times), writes for The Times Law and is Global Professor at NYU.  For any international lawyer who is seeking to develop an understanding of the English legal system, this is the book to read.  It explains the legal profession and the court structure in a fluid and engaging style.

 Common Law Legal English and Grammar

Following the principle that ‘words are the lawyer’s tools of trade’, this book seeks to explain to non-English speakers the language of Legal English.  The book is designed very well, with good explanations of the language that even non-lawyers can understand.  It also includes exercises for consolidating what students have learned.  

Writing and Drafting in Legal Practice

by Paul Rylance

While this is aimed at law students and students at the beginning of their careers, the advice provided is comprehensive and of immense value.  The book details the conventions and rules of writing reports, memoranda and e-mails among other aspects of written communication.

Practice Papers for TOLES

In addition to taking a preparation course, these books are useful for knowing what to expect in the various TOLES examinations.  

International Legal English

by Amy Krois-Lindner

While this is focused more on the soon-to-be-discontinued ILEC exam, this is the best exercise book on Legal English.  The main focus is on commercial law with detailed chapters on contract law but the layout and variety of exercises is enormously helpful for both students and teachers.


For more on how to improve your Legal English, please contact 020 3566 0145, You can also e-mail us and we will contact you within 24 hours.


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