Five ways to improve Legal English Language Skills

As the world leader in Legal English, we know how to improve the language skills of lawyers worldwide.  Lawyers from Cisco, Baker and McKenzie, Bloomsbury Law and many more great organisations rely on us.  In this post, we asked our team of tutors to share some advice on how you can advance your Legal English.

Develop strong vocal tonality

If you are seeking to gain the respect of your peers then you will need to demonstrate authority.  Do not mumble, speak clearly and lower your voice.  This applies to everything from public speaking to ordering a beer in the pub.  

 Enjoy the whole process of learning

Learning any language is a journey and you will need to dedicate a significant amount of your time to practising it.  Do not consider the learning process to be a chore as that will only deter you from your goals.  Seek to have fun and to engage with the language in every way you can.  

Understand more about the process of learning

By understanding more about your own language, you should be able to develop a curiosity about the language that you are learning.  This phonemenon happens to language teachers all the time – as we train and learn about the language that we are teaching, we develop almost a sixth sense about other languages as well.  

 Analyse stress in words and sentences

English is a stressful language in more ways than one!  If you are going to pronounce words correctly, you will have to listen to a lot of the language as the sounds change from word to word.  Good speakers of English also put a stronger emphasis on key words so try exercises relating to this when you are able.

 Practise spelling words and saying numbers and dates out loud

If you work in the cuthroat world of commercial law, you will need to know your numbers.  We have lost count of the number of times we have heard lawyers, uh, lose count.  By practising how to say numbers and dates you will gain more confidence in Business English and it will be particularly helpful for telephone calls where you are unable to see the other person.

 For more hints and tips, head to the Legal English Language Training website.  You can also add us on Twitter and Facebook and ask us there.


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