Legal English Courses Online for Lawyers

Improve your Legal English with the number one course provider of English courses for lawyers.  By learning Legal English language courses online, you are placing your faith in our experienced and expert language teachers for e-learning.  We have been working with lawyers, law students, legal professionals, law graduates, paralegals, legal executives and legal secretaries for over ten years and we want everybody to experience the best legal language training online.    With a range of options, this is the only course of its kind in the world as it is personalised to the needs and skill level of each individual student.  Every language lesson is fully interactive and is supported by regular homework which is checked by our experienced and qualified language tutors.   We will also send you videos, audio and regular articles to supplement your learning away from the training room.

 A Legal English Academy for everybody wherever you are in the world

Our online course operates in exactly the same way as the lessons our legal language tutors run every day in offices and classrooms across London and throughout the world.  You discuss with us exactly what you wish to focus on and we will work with you to design a course programme specifically for you.  You will then work over the programme with our excellent Legal English tutors towards a deeper understanding of the language of legal English.  

 You will be provided with assignments to complete between your lessons.  These will be checked by your tutors and you will receive feedback so that your writing and listening skills continue to improve.

 Designed by lawyers, law professors, legal English tutors and professional linguists

The lessons within this online course have been designed and developed by expert legal English language teachers, lawyers and linguists who possess a deep understanding of the law of England and Wales and the language used by lawyers across English-speaking territories.  

Opportunities to Learn

Courses are specifically tailored to the requirements of each student, but classes should provide students with the opportunity to:-

  • Analyse court cases from English Law

  • Understand legal note taking

  • Improve negotiating skills in Business English and Legal English

  • Think and communicate like a native lawyer working in the United Kingdom

  • Enhanced writing skills in English


Blended Learning Options

Our online lessons can also be taken as part of a blended learning programme, which means that you are able to learn with us face-to-face for part of the course and then you can continue the lessons online when you return to your home country.


Learn in your own time and at your own pace

Your Legal English language classes are usually taken one-to-one with an expert lawyer-linguist.  Group classes might also be available at certain times throughout the year.  Lessons can be held at a time of your choice.


Certificate of Attendance

Upon completing the English language for Law course, each participant will be provided with a free certificate which confirms that you have attended and compleed your lessons and which serves as evidence of your study with Legal English Language Training UK.

Our Online Legal English course with dedicated Legal English teachers operates 24/7 all day every day.  If you are interested in learning with us, fill in the form on this screen or e-mail  You can also speak to us directly on 020 3566 0145.