One-to-One International Legal English Courses

London’s only dedicated School of English offers one-to-one tuition for lawyers, law students and legal professionals who would like to improve their skills in this specialist area of English.  Your course focuses on writing skills, speaking skills and listening skills as well as legal English vocabulary, expressions and terminology.  

Should you wish to take the TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills), Mike or one of our tutors are able to tailor your course to prepare you for that exam.  

Tailored classes

Each lesson is tailored to the needs of the individual student, but typical course content might include:-

  • Specific Legal English vocabulary

  • Develop social and networking skills in English for meeting clients and colleagues

  • Use of English for negotiating, delivering presentations, advocating and speechmaking

  • Greater focus on areas of Legal English that you wish to cover such as employment law, contract law, criminal law and international law

What is Legal English?

English for Law is a specific area of the English language that covers the legal world.  There is a precise vocabulary and range of terminology that will be unfamiliar to the layman.  There is also a particular style of English that one needs to adopt when communicating in Legal English.  In learning Legal English, please ensure that your tutor is a skilled legal linguist who has worked in law and who has studied law academically.  


Should I take Legal English lessons?

If you are working (or looking to work) in a law firm in the United Kingdom, an English-speaking nation or a commonwealth nation, then it is likely that the legal system will have some British influence.  Clearly, the main beneficiaries of this course will be people working within the UK but we believe that anybody can benefit.  

The course is not only for lawyers, but can also help legal secretaries, legal translators, legal assistants, paralegals, law students and lecturers as well as other legal professionals who need a grounding in Legal English.  

English remains the language of international business and with the law having a profound impact on that area, a knowledge of Legal English is of prime importance.

How will Legal English UK help me to improve my knowledge of the language?

We will help you to develop the relevant English language skills to negotiate, network, converse and engage with clients and colleagues in a variety of settings.  We will equip you with the language you need in your professional and personal life when engaging with people inside and outside of the legal services industry.  We will provide you with a greater understanding of English law and how it works.  

 Where can I learn with you?  

We can operate these courses worldwide, or you can learn from our base is in London. Each lesson may be taken at your place of work, your home or at our office in south-west London.

To book a one-to-one course in Legal English, contact us on 020 3566 0145 or by e-mail