TOLES Legal Exam Preparation Courses

An exam preparation course in the prestigious Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) is essential for any international lawyer who is serious about succeeding in the legal profession. TOLES Legal is designed to examine the commercial law knowledge of lawyers, law students and legal professionals who wish to work in a law firm or who would like to study law at university.  The Test of Legal English Skills is one of the world’s leading exams in English for Law and Legal English UK has an excellent reputation for providing superlative tutoring in this area.  

 All exam participants are encouraged to take a preparation course with Legal English Language Training before taking the exam.

Course Format

Lessons are taken either in small groups or on a private basis with a teacher:student ratio of one to one or one to two.

The course will focus on those areas that are most relevant to each student, but might include:-

  • Knowledge and use of complex legal vocabulary

  • Formal letter writing and communication by email

  • Simplification of complex contract clauses to Plain English

  • Reading complex documentation

  • Features of the English legal system

  • Grammatical accuracy

 The TOLES Test of Legal English Skills

TOLES has three levels:  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Each test is designed to test your knowledge of the following subject areas:

  • Understanding and using specific legal vocabulary relevant in the global commercial market

  • Writing formal letters and communicating through e-mail and understanding register

  • Simplifying clauses in contracts

  • Understanding and explaining complex legal documentation in “laymen’s terms”

  • Writing and speaking with grammatical accuracy


At the conclusion of your course, you should be able to:-

  • approach the exam with greater confidence in Legal English

  • assess your true ability in Legal English and your overall English level

  • improve your knowledge of Legal English and key concepts in English law

  • improve your writing skills; particularly for letters and emails

  • demonstrate your ability to employers by including your grade and certificate in your CV

  • keep up to date in your professional development

  • prepare yourself for entry to a law course in a university, or for an internship

Legal English UK organises preparation classes in TOLES via the internet, in London, across the United Kingdom and in most major world cities; including in Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Cardiff, Helsinki and Dubai.  For further information on how we can help you, please telephone (44)0 20 3566 0145, e-mail us or fill in the form on this screen.